Sever is a new brand of refreshing carbonated drinks. It rejects uniformity, breaks usual recipes and creates new ones.

If the search for something new is yours, then Sever is the right choice.

Discover your Sever and get new emotions every day.
For those who are tired of the familiar and are looking for new impressions, Sever has refreshed the line of the most popular flavors.

This is your Sever.

A drink with a strong character.

Free and surprising.

Gives emotions and invites to discoveries.
Expressive and courageous.

Sever cola changes the rules and creates new ones.

Forget about everything and open up to a new soft drink.
2,0 L
1,0 L
0,5 L
0,5 L
1,0 L
2,0 L
(сola zero sugar)
Distinctive and brave.

Sever cola zero sugar creates conditions for new impressions and remains tasty even without sugar.

Now zero is not just a starting point.
0,5 L
1,0 L
2,0 L
Strong and free-spirited.

Sever orange denies the usual and reveals new possibilities of orange taste.

It turned out to be bright and saturated.
0,5 L
1,0 L
2,0 L
Risky and fearless.

Sever lime breaks the rules and opens up new possibilities for juicy lime.

Perfectly refreshes and impresses with a bright taste.
Intriguing and fascinating.

Sever cola cherry pushes the boundaries of the usual and gives endless pleasure of the ripe cherries aftertaste.

It turned out to be incredible.
(cola cherry)
1,0 L
0,5 L
A unique line of Sever soft drinks: bitter lemon, indian tonic, soda and red seltzer brightly complements cocktails and gently refreshes as a stand-alone beverage.

The taste maintains a balance of tart bitterness and moderate sweetness.
Spectacular and free.

Sever bitter lemon is a classic tonic with a refreshing lemon flavor.

Splendid on its own and in cocktails.
(bitter lemon)
1,0 L
0,5 L
Bold and unique.

Sever indian tonic is a new version of classic tonic.

It does not just refresh, but also impresses with a pleasant bitterness that makes it an indispensable cocktail ingredient.
(indian tonic)
1,0 L
0,5 L
Confident and self-sufficient.

Sever soda is a rejuvenated recipe of the classic tonic.

Gives cocktails a special tart taste and refreshes as a stand-alone beverage.
1,0 L
0,5 L
(red seltzer)
Bold and incredible.

Sever red seltzer with a characteristic citrus aftertaste and a special composition of herbs invigorates and does not leave anyone indifferent.

Feel the power
and richness of taste.
0,5 L
1,0 L
Sever continues to amaze.

New format: Compact 0.33 l glass bottle.

Convenient for quickly quenching the thirst.

Perfect for mixing a long drink.

The most popular and essential tastes: Classic Cola, Orange,
Bitter and Tonic.
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